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A worker owned taxi #coop in Southend has grown from 6 to 70 drivers.

They repaid all their investors and returned £3000 to their members last year. The same year Uber left the area after failing to compete with them.

We need this in every town and city!

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WTF?! My non-rooted phone had #Google Maps pre-installed, but I only use #OSMand for navigation etc.

Yesterday, I walked to a local restaurant, without using my phone, and had lunch there before walking back.

I never opened #GoogleMaps.

Today, I find a notification from Maps:
How was {restaurant name}?
Rate places to get smarter recommendations.

So it tracked and calculated where I ate without even opening my phone or the app.

Definitely time for #Pinephone / #LibreM

#privacy #Android

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Thailand judge shoots himself in court after criticising system

(submitted by miles)

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last night I went to a talk by tamzin powell, an anthropologist into folklore and witchcraft. it focused on the continued existence of 'cunning folk' and their history in the wye valley and the forest of dean. this is a thread of what I learned!

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If the operating system on your computer is a subscription service which you might lose access to at any time, what use is owning the hardware it runs on?

This could be the next revolutionary product:
Rented PCs on which you own nothing, with no way of transferring your own data out to another storage medium. Also, you cannot even unlock the PC without an internet connection, so all your files are held hostage by the subscription service.

#PlannedObsolescence is for noobs.

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Reading a bunch of cyberpunk stuff as a kid got me used to the idea that when I was an adult a bunch of billionaires and multinational corporations were going to try and kill me but I always thought it would be more fun, you know?

Perhaps that "generally reliable source" was not so reliable:

'Update (01/10/2019): Stallman has told us that “ has not moved. It has been hosted by the same company for many years. It was never hosted by the FSF. On the contrary, I started it to keep it separate from the FSF.”' --

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“Cancel Culture:” Social rewards are immediate, its dangers distant and abstract

(submitted by jseliger)


' posted an unconfirmed claim Sunday from "a generally reliable source" that " was defaced by an FSF employee'

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We actually need more events like #FOSDEM or Chaos Communication Camp/Congress that aren't corperate #openwashing circlejerk concerts.

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#fsf #freesoftware #rms #gnu #openwashing open letter to the Free Software Movement

This is an open letter to all the people who, in their good faith, are concerned about the recent events which have shaken the long-standing leadership of the Free Software Movement and the GNU project.

Tyrants and tyrannical oligarchies would set about destroying liberty. Hate-mad submerged classes would give them good excuse. Little by little, though the material benefits of civilization might smoulder on for centuries, the flame of the spirit would die down into a mere flicker in a few isolated individuals. Then would come sheer barbarism, followed by the trough of almost subhuman savagery."

-- "Star Maker" by Olaf Stapledon

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Living on the achievements of the past, the leaders of thought would lose themselves in a jungle of subtlety, or fall exhausted into mere slovenliness. At the same time moral sensibility would decline. Men would become on the whole less sincere, less self-searching, less sensitive to the needs of others, in fact less capable of community. Social machinery, which had worked well so long as citizens attained a certain level of humanity, would be dislocated by injustice and corruption.

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Average human beings would attain an unprecedented clarity of mind, and by massed action do away with all grave social injustices and private cruelties. Subsequent generations, inherently sound, and blessed with a favourable environment, would create a world-wide utopia of awakened beings.

Presently a general loosening of fibre would set in. The golden age would be followed by a silver age.

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"Again and again the race would emerge from savagery, and pass through barbarian culture into a phase of world-wide brilliance and sensibility. Whole populations would conceive simultaneously an ever-increasing capacity for generosity, self-knowledge, self-discipline, for dispassionate and penetrating thought and uncontaminated relgious feeling.

Consequently within a few centuries the whole world would blossom with free and happy societies.

Low grade "journalists" and internet mob attack RMS with lies. In-depth review.

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People that take the Glasgow-Edinburgh train have developed this anarcho-communist ticket sharing economy and I love it. It's because return tickets cost literally only 10 pence more than a single, so people just buy returns and leave the other ticket at the station they arrive at.

It's fucking beautiful and more folk need tae know about it

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