@purism yup noticed with my last week playing round with my l5, great stuff!

@purism Why are there 7 icons? Do people actually go through and confirm all 7 icons?

@ikt @purism It is just an easy representation of the key exchange, and makes it easy to verify both devices are yours. You just make sure the pictures match.

@projectmoon @purism yeah telegram has it as well but only 4 icons, user friction is the downfall of security which is why i'm wondering it has so many

@ikt @purism That's how it works in Matrix. You can also scan a QR code with some clients. And yes, it's a barrier for regular users.

@projectmoon @purism Yep, I think they (or someone) needs to research how often these don't match and what the minimum number of icons needed is, the less the better

@paoloredaelli @purism When I was still using Telegram, I found Telegram Desktop to work quite well after some tweaks (Wayland backend, scaling). Otherwise there's github.com/melix99/telegrand, which also worked, but is still unreleased and thus not packaged and hard to try. For Signal, Flare linuxphoneapps.org/apps/de.sch is compelling, but afaik it's not standalone.

@purism time to update my #Librem5, hoping to be able to use it as main mobile device...

Nice! Are there plans to support single-sign-on?

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