@purism In the article, you suggest Element for eg messaging. But in Librem guide, you suggest Riot desktop sw for Librem Chat. But Riot link to Element. I'm confused, can you explain how they relate to each other?

@Henrik Hemrin Riot was the old name, it's now called Element, that's all.

@hans Oki, thanks, then I understand so I skip the Riot download page and go for Element.

@hehemrin @purism Riot had been renamed as Element, it's the same program, with a new name.

@slubman @purism Good, then it's clear its Element I should download and explore.

@hehemrin @purism Meant to say Element instead of Riot. It's the same thing. Riot has been renamed to Element.

@pvagner @purism Thanks, I will focus on Element then. And @purism should consider to update their support info for Librem.

@purism What do you think about adding a photography section? If so, my personal view for one FOSS, is digiKam. My personal FOSS shortlist is , , and . There are many more good, and I use more than my shortlist myself.

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