If a company actually cared about your privacy and wanted to advertise its products, could it do so ethically? We have been thinking about this issue heavily at Purism.

We value people’s privacy and want to protect it not just with our products, but with how we market our products. Let us know, we are counting on your feedback!

@purism Don't use trackers or personalization. Make it based on search terms or partner with places your customers wouldn't be surprised to see it.

There’s more to ethics than privacy. There’s also integrity.

So how about you STOP taking orders on the Librem 5 until you ship mine?

Are you taking higher priced orders now and shipping them while leaving 2018 orders unfulfilled?

Or if you really have a 4 year backlog, are you telling new buyers how many orders are ahead of them in line?

@phaethon @purism they keep the queue order and shipping of 2018 orders is ongoing. See
Note that the majority of orders was in 2017 and, without without further supply chain problems, they intend to clear the queue this year.

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