Our team works hard to maintain support for the Librem 5 phone. Check out the progress on mainline support for the phone and its development kit. Kudos to the team ๐ŸŽ‰

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Support is nice. But delivering would be nice too.

got my librem5 last week after 4 years of waiting. Its still in the unopened box, not sure yet if i shall sell or open it....
(using a 2nd hand OP6 with Ubports and beeing very happy)

@purism this is salt + wound. How about focusing on shipping the hardware? Or perhaps refunding monies already taken?

@purism what phone?? I don't have a phone to need supporting. You took my money and delivered nothing.

@purism @merge thank you for continuing to improve mainline support for this device. Virtually all other OEMs just dump hardware into the wild with old/unmaintained downstream kernels to support it... which is terrible for everyone except the OEM and their bank account.

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