Sneak Peek of the Next PureOS Release on the Librem 5

"With the next release of PureOS, code-named Byzantium, just around the corner, let’s give you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to."

Still waiting on my evergreen batch. Would love to use this as a daily driver.

@purism Congratulations to everyone involved! As much as I've had criticism for @purism in the past, credit where it's due. #Purism's work on #Phosh and #PureOS remains vital to the #MobileLinux community, and the advances in this release look amazing! #KDE inside #Phosh as an app just makes my brain explode and the ability to easily do full disk encryption with an onscreen keyboard to decrypt before phone shell boot is a great step forward for combining #privacy, #security and #usability. 💕

@purism #PureOS supposedly has #PureBrowser (according to Jeremiah Foster:, but it's bizarre that the PureBrowser website ( makes no mention of #Purism, there's no source code & no free software license, and also has no PureBrowser project. Is that correct?

@purism #PureBrowser ToS: "You hereby acknowledge and agree that our services and our software including our software’s sequence, structure, organization, source code and applicable documentation contains valuable trade secrets and other intellectual property belonging to us and to our suppliers. These proprietary rights are considered as confidential information..." WTF

@koherecoWatchdog Looks like a coincidence name clash. PureBrowser by Purism is a rebranded Firefox: A browser at is unrelated, created by different company. I also accidentally found another one:

@koherecoWatchdog I have no idea. Does anyone mentioned have registered trademark? I guess no one did.


Hi, i understand the articel in the way that PureBrowser is not developed anymore and "Epiphany" based on Gnome Web is the new standard-browser. Someone from Purism also confirmes that in the Purism Community Forum:

@MissBehave @etam guess there's no trademark issue then. But FYI etam, unregistered trademarks are still protected. If you start doing business under an unused & unregistered trademark, then someone else later starts using the same trademark to exploit the publicity you created, you would have a case against them even if they register your trademark.

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