Librem 5 News Summary: January 2021

"January has been a very busy month on the Librem 5 front. Each week we continue to ship out more Librem 5s to backers and we now have a good sense of the average number of phones we can ship out each week."

@purism librem 5s, did I miss a pre-order or something? Was just about to buy a librem 5. I wish I could afford the usa version but I have to buy one for my wife too. 🙃

@Zachary_BTC @purism librem 5's, with an apostrophe I guess :) there's only one librem 5 still, and they are still submitting them to people who pre-ordered in 2017, so you might want to hold off for a bit. At least until purism has given a reasonable estimate on when you'll receive the device. Unless you don't mind when you get it of course :)

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