The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket

"What makes the Librem 5 special is that it reclaims the full potential of what phones should have been all along: a general-purpose computer in your pocket under your control."

@purism Well that's great... if people could actually afford one in the first place and also actually receive it this century.

@BrianA @purism

Librem 5 hasn't started shipment yet. As for Librem 14, it did say it should have started shipping out since yesterday. According to a few of my friends, they haven't received any notification about it yet. Will see they eventually manage to ship or it's going to be another waiting in this month.

@purism so special that it has to be mass produced at snails pace apparently. If mine ever arrives I'd be delighted if it fits in a pocket and stays alive long enough to venture out of the house with it.

@purism Well, this certainly looks cool! Revolutionary! I think I'm commenting because I'm not plush enough to pre-purchase to support the effort (or even purchase if it was shipping today).

To actually control your phone instead of it controlling you is ... wait. I can't control my computer either. Never mind. 😁
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