App Showcase: Weather

"The Librem 5 is designed to protect your privacy, and include a privacy-respecting Weather app. When opened this retrieves weather data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and only them."

@purism to understand that, what is special about the norvegian service?

@Alexmitter @purism it's not super special, but you can read about their data policies here:

In short they believe in sharing data, use open source when possible, and all in all just offer a great service. And they since they're public and tax funded there's little reason to worry about bad intentions, unless you're generally mistrusting of state employed meteorologists.

That said, it's not that special - it's one of the most commonly used APIs in open source software.

You guys are doing a great job. I hope my next phone will be a Librem 5.

@purism For now, I don't have Librem phone although I want to protect my digital privacy. Is it possible to use this weather app on Android? 😀

Call me old fashioned, but when I want to know what the weather is like, I simply look through the window...
@Andrzej Rośkowicz That would require a bit more, I agree. That only happens a few times a year, which makes running a dedicated app for it absolutely useless. For me, that is. I acknowledge that it can be useful for others.
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