"Fund Your App" now has more than 4,400 app votes! We are so close to 50% of our app vote goal!

The current Top 5 apps are:

1. Firefox
2. Battery Life
3. Pure Maps
4. Signal
5. Calendar

Help fund the apps you desire:


Hi. How do you spread the donation to the projects (i.e. which 'key', which criteria will decide who gets what amount)?

I would consider donating, maybe even more than once, but not if there is a danger that you put in into efforts regarding WhatsApp or Instagram or other things that I explicitly fight _against_ by buying such devices?

@purism Sorry to ask again. But would be really interesting. Your list of apps is rather mixed and unclear in that regard.

Will you use my money for actually making #foss stronger, or for building all kinds of bridges into the facebook and google world (because the crowd demands it)? Do you distribute my money to exactly those projects I pick? Or will you decide in the future who gets what? And what would be the criteria for that decision?

A link is also okay if I missed it on your website.

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