"Fund Your App" now has more than 4,200 app votes! That's 42% of our app vote goal!

The current Top 5 apps are:

1. Firefox
2. Battery Life
3. Pure Maps
4. Signal
5. Calendar

Help fund the apps you desire:

@purism 3 of the 5 apps I donated are in the top 5, which is awesome. But what I'd really like to donate to is MMS support.

@JJS_10 @purism I agree, I've donated twice but would donate again if they added the MMS option.

It's sad that people choose to fund Signal over something like Element. Also saw entries for stuff like Facebook Messenger. I mean why use Purism Devices at all if your going to run Facebook's apps on them.

It would be great if Purism maintained seperate repositories for free and non free software like Debian does.

I thought element was baked right in (have not yet got mine to verify/see that)
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