Librem 5 Dogwood: Update 3

"The Librem 5 Dogwood batch has finished our manufacturing and is finalizing testing and fulfillment all from Purism headquarters before shipping to those who are part of this batch."

@purism You have all been doing such an amazing job and I'm so glad to finally see the project coming to fruition.

@purism Great job! I can't to see how Evergreen will look.

@purism great work, but I will have to add something: saying what the price is without justifying it is a bad idea in my opinion. A lot of people dislike your phones due to their prices, but they do not know how much time the team has put into both the hardware and software. I would advise you to put a justification to what they are paying for and why, by, for example, linking to your Git repository, etc.

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