Looking for a laptop that is designed to protect your digital life? We've got you covered:

Our laptop privacy screens are now available on the Purism Shop as well!

@purism Just seems really expensive and behind in tech compared to non-open alternatives. I realize there probably aren't any fully open 802.11ac adapters out there, but it should at least have HDMI2 on it and USB-C charging. Also 10 days to build and ship?

I still haven't gotten my Libre 5 phone and I haven't canceled my order like everyone else, but I kinda feel like I should.

@djsumdog @purism I'm in the same boat. Hoping they deliver anything at all, even just the current stage toaster-brick

@purism I'm considering the 13 inch one but I'm not sure it can drive a 4k monitor on 60 Hz, the HTMI seems only to do 30 Hz, what about the USB-C?

@purism The Source Code Of Librem 13/15 Is Avaliable?

I am waiting for an IMX8 series ARM laptop with kill-breakers from Purism. 😃

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