Our next batch of are arriving at our Carlsbad factory soon.

The laptop sale continues to be extremely popular and we will keep the going for a bit after stock arrives!

Get $200 off the Librem 15 and $150 off the Librem 13

:) Thanks for the link. It seems to fudge the question though: whilst it says it's 100% free software in the title, later on it says "For the WWAN/baseband modem and the Wi-Fi + BT we knew we needed to go with some sort of modules... We eventually nailed it down to the mPCIe SIMCom SIM7100A/E baseband modem module and the M.2 RedPine RS9116 Wi-Fi+BT module."
so are these #OpenHardware with #OpenSource drivers?

@mark I had read about it somewhere but I can't remember now. If I am not mistaken, the modem and the BT modules do contain proprietary firmware. That is why an emphasis is placed on their modularity. However, I heard that they will be working on this in future versions of the Librem 5.

I'm learning that phones are restricted to tight band widths and power, by strict regulation, and that opening this up would mean that people could tamper with that.

I just wonder if we couldn't have "Read Only" access, so that everyone could be reassured about the code's function.

@mark Could you share the links for your 'sources' with me?

I asked the question in the UBPorts Matrix group.

@purism was getting ready to buy one of these. it doesn't charge with usb-c?!!?

I believe they'll have USB c on their next revision.

@purism I sincerely love the design! Would have included a few more USB ports and potentially a DisplayPort exit next to the HDMI one, otherwise it looks marvelous from what I see here. I especially love the mic / webcam and wifi / bluetooth hardware switches... when I can afford a new laptop (sadly not this one) I shall actually look for the presence of such buttons as a criteria.

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