Only 2 days left to save $50 on your pre-order before the price increases 1 Jan 2020

@purism But are they even shipping? I've seen very few reviews of them in the wild so far.
I want one, but I need to see real reviews first.

Birch shipped to backers, there was an AMA on reddit. Hackersgame got his on YouTube and then the Linux gamer did a review of birch. There were also quite a few blog post floating around. Chestnut is shipping right now, so expect more reviews soon.

@RandomPhoton @purism Thanks! So far I have only seen one or two very limited reviews. I'll dig around and see if I can find these others.

Yeah these initial batches are pretty small. Based on the reviews it seems to be a good thing to wait for evergreen. Can't wait for mine though :blobaww:

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