We are often asked, why does the Librem 5 cost that much? Because we are "Breaking Ground"

When you order a you get a desktop in your pocket and support an future where our and data aren't exploited by for profit

@xj9 @purism is pinephone free of completely proprietary blobs?
@xj9 @purism but yes from what I can tell pinephone has a traditional phone baseband design (where the proprietary modem firmware has access to system memory) + potentially other blobs
manufactured in mainland china, using (wage-)slaves, like almost every other cheap electronic device on the planet.
which is exactly the point of fair-phones.

You can find the answer deeply explaint in the Purism Text. Why should i repeat it.

@purism Sadly this doesn't get many of us closer to being able to afford one. I've always wanted to buy a #Librem but because of the price, I'll have to settle for a newer #Android phone again for the coming years.

Check out the Pinephone instead of a pure Android device.

@STP_KITT @purism Thank you! I was not aware of that one, it's very useful to know. The price is fantastic, I might consider that instead.

It seems to me that purism is targeting the demographic that is Apple customers (willing to pay lots of $$$ for something that just simply works), unfortunately, they have a ways to go to satisfy this demographic. Pine64 (PinePhone, PineBook, etc) seems to be working towards the demographic of DIY and already linux users. Pine does not try to offer complete solutions, and offers their solutions for cheep. So far Pine is starting small and building from there, which gives them an edge that Purism does not have, but Purism is investing a lot to get that complete solution fast, and if Purism succeeds and doesn't go under, then they will probably get that complete solution and truely reach their targeted demographic.

@purism yeah it's expensive, as developing software and firmware is hella expensive.

Pinephone doesn't aport much in terms of developing a platform, it's just hardware.

The librem 5 prices it's not only the phone but also the development costs.

@purism if your tech was truly ethical it wouldn't be venture funded. If you truly care about freedom, don't make freedom expensive.

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