The Librem Key can store multiple encryption keys, one-time passwords and has an integrated password manager.

RSA 2048-4096 bit and ECC 256-512 bit encryption and CSP, OpenPGP, S/MIME, X.509, PKCS#11 protocol support.

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@purism this is a great offering, especially paired with the purchase of a Librem laptop!

It's a shame the only way to see that this is a Nitrokey is to go to the very bottom of the documentation, in the Other Sources section, and then to the original release announcement.

You're doing a lot of good work with this and Librem One, but it would nice to see more acknowledgement of the hardware and open source technologies you're using.

@mitchkiah @purism I agree with you! is a great line of products and services. However, I really don't see the need for more acknowledgement as they are already doing a fine job. The number of people using Librem One is rising everyday and that is a testament to this fact.

@purism will it exist in USB-C type and NFC capable for phone support ?

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