@purism thank you for the extra information. So no mass production before april 2020 :blobpeek: Take your time to get the big issues solved and keep us updated on a regular basis please.

ils mettent pas de paillettes dans ma vie là !


Si tu pousses un peu le CPU, il peut te mettre des étincelles dans ta vie par contre 😁

Oh @purism

Here's another angle on your company's position

Tooted by @coldacid
Wow. This interview with the ex-CTO of @purism makes me really concerned about whether the company will even survive long enough to produce all the phones on back order that people have ordered. Looks like they bit off a lot more than they could chew and it's been hell ever since.


@OhVinnie @purism the CEO is too busy blogging to distract from all this to actually rebut anything :^)

@purism This is awesome update thanks a lot, this was the information needed much earlier. Personally I'll be moving my batch to much later date (maybe not as many people would have gone for earlier batches if this information was available early). Keep up the good work and please continue informative updates 👍

@purism good to hear. Although this update basically means to me "the previous phones weren't production ready, and the following batch has been delayed." It's good to at least get an update.
I will wait another year if need be, as long as it's clear what I'm waiting for :)
Good luck @purism and thanks for all the hard work!

@purism Thank you soooo much for this update - I was having some (minor) doubts about what was going on, but this puts them all to rest. Keep up the good work, and I'll be patient! 👏 😃

@pakman thank you for the support and understanding 😃

@purism quick question - have any Librem 5's been shipped to Australia, and have you heard feedback as to if they do run on the Australian mobile networks?

@NicBrits hi Nic I don't have access to customer locations but you can use our Supported Networks table puri.sm/faq/supported-networks to see what frequency the radios support and use this website to see what your carrier supports frequencycheck.com/countries hope that helps!

@purism Cool. Thanks for the links. That's the one reason I haven't purchased as yet - not knowing if the Librem 5 will work here in Australia. Thanks again.

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