@zalandocalrissian not for all apps but those that haven't been optimized for mobile use their default desktop layout. We've put a lot of work into libhandy source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhand our library for mobile GTK+ widgets and UI scaling to make it easier for developers to support desktop and mobile from one layout. Quite a few GNOME apps are using it already.

Great, but certainly not very usable in that format since the interface was never made to run in such a way. Probably a lot better once you can connect to a secondary screen.

@rlaska thank you :) We'll get someone to take some photos of GIMP on the Librem 5!

@purism Whoohoo - that's excellent news. Android can't even do that yet!

به همین قشنگی، #لیبره‌آفیس رو می‌شه روی #لیبرم۵ اجرا کرد. قطعا نیاز به بهینه شدن رابط کاربری داره اما اینکه یک #گنو #لینوکس واقعی رو گوشی در حال اجرا باشه، خیلی هیجان‌انگیزه
#Librem5 #LibreOffice
#نرم‌افزار_آزاد #نرم_افزار_آزاد

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