@purism sucks that Verizon locks their bootloader or I would have lineage OS on mine

@purism *stillwaitingforshippingmail xD how does delivery goes? still all in plan? :)

@purism please stop teasing us with photos and short clips and give us a comprehensive video showing all the features of this device.

Besides hardware stuff you can check out the QEMU image which is the OS that runs on the phone. The major difference is its x86 based and not arm. But it should give you a general idea of how it works.

✨✨👍 hope to buy one 2nd gen Librem Phone when all connectivity issues worked out, and leave iphone at Home in a foil pouch‼️✨✨ @purism

@purism are all these pictures of the being taken with another ? If so, I love it! 😃 also, how do you plan on drinking your coffee 😜

@garethlagerwall not sure what the team are using to take photos but we aren't unfortunately running around with two Librem 5s each ;) that would be cool though!


Will there be cases for it? Or patterns/measurements so one can make one or have one made?

@tibfulv yes to both 😀 we will supply accessories and spare parts and 3rd parties will supply cases. We will also provide you with design specs to make your own case.

@purism Ha, totally an everyday situation: "What's inside this thing again?" /s

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