Apple is right about privacy, but wrong about freedom - "Your data isn’t truly private or secure, if someone else holds the keys."

I'd rather say, good about security, but not privacy.

@lfajardo @purism
I disagree. Apple does provide quite a bit more privacy compared to most of the other tech companies. What they really fail at is giving the users freedom and complete control over their devices.

@sudo a bit more compared to others is not to be right in privacy. You feell more confidence with Apple, I undestand it. But feeling has less to do with it. Privacy is a matter of fact between you and the brand: @purism

@lfajardo @purism That's an interesting article! I do understand what you are saying. However, most people are not able to go to the lengths that would provide them with a decent amount of privacy protection. Hence, I generally recommend Apple over the likes of Google and Microsoft. It is better to give them some protection over no protection at all. Apple has also been received well by the EFF.

Thank you Purism for creating a business that will be able to thrive off of transparancy through the use of freedom supporting open source code, and freedom supporting open hardware that uses the best encryption methods possible. You are setting a great example.
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