@purism how is chat realized? What protocol do u use now?

@jr @purism AFAIK they use #Matrix. There is an #XMPP client in the making but it's not the official #Librem chat. I.e. Librem accounts come with a Matrix account, not an XMPP account IIRC.

@stevenroose @jr that is correct Librem Chat is built on Matrix. Are you referring to XMPP support on the Librem 5? If so then yes it will support it and SMS of course ;) Here's a link to our chat app source.puri.sm/Librem5/chatty/

@purism so wait your phones messaging in based on XMPP but you sell Matrix.... how does this make sense? @stevenroose

Why do you think their phones messaging is based on XMPP?

@Muto @jr @purism Actually I should remember to try and use Chatty in my desktop. Is that possible?

@stevenroose @Muto @jr yes Chatty XMPP should work on a Debian based desktop and will of course work while the Librem 5 is in desktop mode.

@purism @Muto @jr Where is the Chatty repository? I can't seem to find it.

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