@purism what is the back material? Looks like sintering

@copyrights it is metal too, not sure on the exact manufacturing process used to create that effect.

@purism @copyrights Maybe it's that hot coating people typically call Powder Coating?

@wnymathguy @copyrights I'll double check with the Librem 5 team on the ground at the factory.

The picture shows the kill-switches covered but everybody on the Forum is bitching about them being uncapped. What's up with that @purism ?

@wnymathguy these photos are an accurate representation of what the kill switches will look like for the Aspen batch. Future revisions may have an improved switch and seal and therefore better water tightness - the uncapped vs capped debate has been confusing.

Why oh why did you put headphone jack on top... @purism

@purism that case texture is super sexy, now I'm waiting even more impatiently

@purism Where suggest / request feature / suggest an enhancement in the Librem 5 hardware field? I’d like to suggest to add a 3-position switch (like it is on OnePlus or Apple phones) which would (1) switch between sound profiles, but (2) user could set it to whatever they want (I mean not only sound profiles, but something an evironment or desktop spaces; one could set a position to open a particular app).

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