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This is good, but people really should learn how to use GnuPG and other independent tools. Too many of us trusted a company that vowed not to be evil, and look where we are now. #privacy #security #encryption



@mwoliver we use GPG and only you have access to the keys. We put a bit of effort into simplifying the setup so that is easier for people to start using GPG.

@purism That's excellent! Personally, I've never bought into the "PGP is too hard" or "the user experience and interface is too scary" nonsense, but then again I am a bit of a fanatic about what is right and wrong with email and have been known to scorch people for top-posting and using anything other than plain text. What Microsoft/Outlook and Google/Gmail have done to train generations of people to do everything wrong with email is enough, alone, to condemn them to hell. As you might have guessed, I use (neo)mutt and gpg from a terminal... everything else is an abomination. #oldschool #getoffmylawn

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