@purism This is such a #deal for a high #Security and high #Privacy respecting machine! If I would have been born in #Germany I would throw my money at it!

I mean, they did say free international shipping in this toot...

@burek @wnymathguy @purism
The free shipping means nothing... I think it has a lot of duty and VAT in germany too.

@fazekmar @burek @wnymathguy we are aware that various countries have VAT and other duty taxes and this is why we have discounted them substantially and offered free shipping - the total cost after taxes still offering a well priced privacy and security focused laptop.

@purism @burek @wnymathguy
Thanks for that.
The idea is very good, but not everyone wants to buy ISO layout in the Europe (eg. me) and only these models are in sale.
Anyway, I will be very happy to see similar steps in the future for Librem 5. ^^

So @purism I posted something on the forums.puri.sm which probably won't get traction there. I want to pay towards a Librem 15 with two different Bitcoin accounts and the rest with an American bank or card. I didn't see a way to do that when I preordered a Librem 5.

Also, also, will Purism ever offer the desktop kit for the Librem 5 as a separate purchase? I just couldn't afford that at the time.

@wnymathguy hi Michael we don't have plans to support purchasing with crypto currency. We may offer the Librem 5 desktop kit as a separate purchase if there is demand for it.

@purism Oh, I thought I saw a Bitcoin option when I was trying to get through the check out process for my preorder on the Librem 5.

@wnymathguy my apologies it is an option, part payment and payment from multiple sources aren't on shop.puri.sm but if you contact sales@puri.sm the Sales team may be able to help!

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