@purism I hope there would be 3rd party icon pack support.

@Krypton yes, Librem 5 uses GNOME so you get a whole bunch of expected things to configure and tweak

@purism @Krypton
Is it realy true that a privacy and security focused corporation needs to implement GOOGLE-FONTS in their webshop?
Leaking Ip-adress of all visitors to Google? Be part of a global observation from Google?
That´s not fair, i hope this fault could be changed....

@cires @purism Did I mention anything Google? Being able to change icons is equivalent as to become Google?

@Krypton thank you we've informed the web and security teams

@purism Yes!, Weary of content of searches being used to blast ads, of messaging content to a friend triggering a blast of ads. Doing more actions now on duckduckgo.com and using protonmail ...Android phone, with privacy? Yes!

Purism @purism
“Is America Finally Ready For A Surveillance-Free Smartphone?” We say yes! People are ready to take back control of their digital lives forbes.com/sites/moiravetter/2

shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ #purism #librem5 #linuxmobile #linuxphone #gnome #privacy

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