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Want a 15" laptop that ships with Linux and has hardware kill switches?

Want it with a German keyboard layout? Tired of paying VAT?

For a limited time we're discounting the Librem 15 (DE Keyboard) by 19%. Also shipping is free.

Use Coupon: L15DETAX

@guilg @purism I get the complaint and haven't looked at any recent benchmarks, but how much more performance do you actually get from the newer CPUs? For my workflow these specs would be more than enough. And remember, you're also getting peace of mind with privacy, security, and freedom built in from the ground up.

@monc @purism There's a huge improvement starting from 8xxxU series due to 2 additional cores. And for the peace of mind and privacy, this comes from Linux, which is free.

@guilg @purism Ok, I'll take you at your word about performance improvements, but do you get as much hardware level privacy/security from other vendors? Intel AMT disabled with hardware kill switches? Worrying about privacy/security at the OS level isn't enough. While those do look quite sleek; any progress on the Libreboot front?

@purism Nice. Are there plans for including other languages as well? Such as swedish for instance? :)

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