These are hardware kill switches.

Not a webcam cover. Not software disabled Wi-Fi. Kill switch.

Laptops should have these.

Ours do.

>Seventh Generation Intel Processor

can we kill-switch x86 too?

@purism That's pretty cool. They seemed to disappear along with everything else on personal devices. I've got some old Thinkpads and.a 2008 Satellite Pro that had Rfkill toggle switches.

@purism that's awesome. Now make them with portuguese keyboard layout. Pleaaase!

@purism Definitely a battery saver to say the least. Even when it comes to the phone.


Very nice!

Towards true freedom and total user control 👍

@purism Would be better if such features can be added on phones.

ironic racism 

@brad @purism ashkdjk one day i will be able to get one of those fancy laptops!

@epicmorphism @purism I would rather have something like the MNT Reform[1], personally, but I thought the message was a good one anyway.

@brad @purism that’s too much DIY for me. I don’t even use arch btw

@epicmorphism @purism IDK how long you looked over the site but they have (and will again later) sold them already-assembled. It's just open and repairable, unlike most laptops. Like they just decided recently the battery will use a bunch of 18650s (very common in flashlights, vapes, etc.) and you can just replace them as needed.

@brad @purism yeah but i won’t be able to take advantage of this anyway :< but i think that’s great to have something like this for people who are more advanced w.r.t. computing

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