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It doesn't happen often but, when the stars align just right, you can find some good discounts at the Purism store.

Right now Librem 15 laptops can be found for $250 off -- and the pre-order for the Librem 5 smartphone is going up by $50 in June.


Yeah same atm :)
But I am trying to convince my boss to buy a librem 15 :P


That's great. Lol. It is like the dream piece of hardware.


@purism picked up my Librem 5 yesterday! Looking forward to getting it in my hands!

@purism make something 16:10 with a trackpoint and good keyboard

@purism while closer to an "understandable" price, I still think they are fairly overpriced.
If the base model without TPM was $1000 it'd be a price0point that I could recommend it to people.

Every foss centric store only sells Intel hardware. :/
Not inclined in the least to run a secret minix server on my CPU.
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