@purism No that the phone is (hopefully) near to be ready, I would really like to have the money to buy one...

@purism Lately there seema to be a lot happening in the market for mobile operating systems, and even though android has a somewhat open base, it seems the stranglehold google has over it makes an alternative more and more necessary.
I really hope this takes off, even if its just for using matrix at first.

@vancha @purism it will initially be able to send SMS, phone calls, XMPP, and Web. There are also a few devs making apps for it before the release. I am not sure if Matrix will actually ship with the device. Purism could probably tell you more. But I have confirmed in the Matrix room that the SMS app will have XMPP integrated from the start.

@poetgrant @purism the dev builds of chatty already have part of the matrix api implemented as far as i know. But we'll see what gets shipped ;)
It's supposed to be the forst mateix native phone though, so I guess it will.

@vancha @purism well, I was talking to one of the devs in the chat and he said it would just ship with XMPP.

@vancha @purism did you order a Librem 5? Will we be Librem Bros??? 😃😃😃😃

@poetgrant @purism I'm trying, I've been saving for over a year :P
I still have my old broken and slow android phone since If i buy a new one, i will never be able to afford a librem 5 😅

@vancha @purism if you can afford $50 per month, you can do it. I'm paying on the payment plan still.

@poetgrant @purism I really dislike recurring payments :) but it's a nice option to have nonetheless

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