"Please try and use platforms that value open source firmware components. Chromebooks are a great example of this, as well as Purism computers."

- @jessfraz

@purism @jessfraz

@Purism @jessfraz

Wait. Chrome books are better for privacy than Windows? A friend of mine is looking to buy a laptop below 300 USD and asked me for advice. I thought that Windows 10,as bad as it is, was still better than Chrome books where you share everything with Google.

I'm aware of that it's easy to install Linux on chrome books but she can't do it herself and I don't live close to her.

So what would be the best option then?

@sneakypete @purism @jessfraz @Purism
I think they are better to keep you safe from anything except Google eyes... By the way, he forgot to mention System76!

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