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"Purism has a long history of giving back and working with upstreams and continues to release everything Purism authors under free software licenses in accordance to Purism’s Social Purpose Corporation Articles of Incorporation."

@purism I see, a response to the negative voices that criticized the rebranding.

@purism As exciting as it might be for you to announce the benefits you see for users consuming these services, giving proper credit to the projects that provide the software your services build upon directly in the announcement might have been a better idea "foss-marketing-wise".

@purism Thx for this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you put a notice into Librem social that it is a fork of Tusky. Here is our opencollective in case you want to support the Tusky team

@ConnyDuck Is it possible to donate without a credit card?

@ConnyDuck Ah, you can use PayPal for one-time-payments, but not for recurring payments :(

@purism but you guys remove the feedback loop that fediverse implementations agreed upon to report things like spam. why?
The mastodon link at the bottom of this blog still links to @Purism :OHOHOHOHO:

@switchingsocial I dunno if I'd be promoting Purism stuff right now given their recent questionable decisions


As you're @-ing me, I assume you're commenting on the boost I gave this?

I'm not "promoting" Purism by boosting this.

I boosted it because there was discussion earlier today about whether Purism was contributing upstream. This was their reply to it, it seemed fair to give it a boost so that others could see what they had to say for themselves.

I also boosted @ConnyDuck 's comment on the blog.

If you disagree with the actual contents of the post, tell Purism.

@switchingsocial There's also the matter of them paying Gargron to remove the abuse reporting function in their fork of Mastodon, which people on the fediverse are understandably Not Pleased about.

Anyway, it was hard to tell whether you were continuing to boost them as with all the other projects you boost, or what. Now I know.


Basically, I boost things with the assumption of good faith.

If there's a problem with whatever it is, I would want to wait for a response from the developers before deciding whether there's bad faith.

But there's also the issue that many of the alternatives are imperfect.

I'm trying to get people off the worst platforms like Facebook, Google etc. Sometimes the least worst option still has its own problems :(

@switchingsocial Yeah, that's fair. Mostly I wasn't sure if you were aware of the current kerfuffle. I'm also hoping they resolve everything amicably, the last we need is all the Davids fighting each other rather than focusing on the Goliaths. Thanks for putting in the effort that you do.

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