@purism is there a calendar included in the Mail app? And will calendar and contacts be syncable with caldav and carddav?

Nice move from @purism.

Next step should be to offer the #LibremHome: a small box (similar to the excellent excitostore.com/
b3 is but with some enhancements) to ease self hosting of such services (using ideas of @yunohost or @freedomboxfndn).

I think about that since a long time...

Most of the solutions listed under Librem X are not built by you. Put the credit where it is due.

@boilingsteam @purism

Yes should say like

Librem Chat powered by XMPP!

Librem Social on the Mastodon network!

could scare away some of the non-geeks though, needs to be in a clear manner.

non geeks would not even hear about Librem in the first place. At least they should know their core audience.

i wish there was more direct credit to the activitypub software you used or forked for your social server. :blobpensive: i'm worried you're setting your social users up for an uncomfortable relationship with the rest of the fediverse by presenting it as if purism invented mastodon.
(there is a mention of mastodon apps being usable as clients. that doesn't count, imo)

@purism i love how you looked at Twitter and realized that the way to improve on it is to remove all of the community management and terms of service

this is the most preciously privileged take on the world and it fills me with joy every time someone steps on this fuckin rake

actually no it doesn't, please stop this and go away

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