@purism is there a calendar included in the Mail app? And will calendar and contacts be syncable with caldav and carddav?

Nice move from @purism.

Next step should be to offer the #LibremHome: a small box (similar to the excellent excitostore.com/
b3 is but with some enhancements) to ease self hosting of such services (using ideas of @yunohost or @freedomboxfndn).

I think about that since a long time...

Most of the solutions listed under Librem X are not built by you. Put the credit where it is due.

i wish there was more direct credit to the activitypub software you used or forked for your social server. :blobpensive: i'm worried you're setting your social users up for an uncomfortable relationship with the rest of the fediverse by presenting it as if purism invented mastodon.
(there is a mention of mastodon apps being usable as clients. that doesn't count, imo)

@purism chat app not letting me to log in. It always says incorrect credentials though it is correct

@harish If you're still experiencing the trouble, toss an email to support@puri.sm and we can help you out!

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