So, I am using interface just because. I got to say, this thing is working flawlessly. It still have a couple of bugs, but gosh, there is almost no need for the app the store. Of course I bought the app. Great app team ✌️😁👍
Same thing goes for the https . Man, eventually people might start using the web UI instead of the app.
I know is going kind of slow, but we are becoming free from the shackles of legacy social media like and likes

@pookito Gday
Be carefull , most masterdon servers dont support free speech and are run by jewish commies or white leftists

Its amazing how many people in the "FREEDOM" and "FOSS" and Opensource/linux community refuse to support FREE SPEECH and support censoring and outright refuse to talk about politics even when it effects

Ain't that, sadly, the truth. I can't believe those people. They are fighting against their own interests.

I knew that, and started fighting the best way I know how. I started to pay for a space with . I am kind of isolated, but I guess, this is a small price to pay for .

I figured, since I am paying them, they have to tolerate me a little. 😁 I stopped contributing to due to that very purpose.

But I am for free speech, even if I disagree ✌️

@pookito I swear I need a I TOLD YOU SO dance
when all these "we refuse to talk about politcs" get booted from their
we dont talk about poltics, women and jews
because they stated something that is based on
Common Sense
and they get kicked out by Jewish Commies or Mentally ill or white liberals

We are even see Jews attack Jews now in the Global Commie movement

Maybe we need to hit total rock bottom and lose all freedoms for the mass's to FINALLY wake up


Sadly, we will hit bottom. Most people in those movements don't know that they are being used for a purpose. Once that goal is achieved, they will get dispose.

I have seen that being played on and on . Even and hard core are getting the boots for not complying with the rules that they created or help to create.

@pookito Sad maybe
Or just sign of the times with huge volume of people unwilling, too stuburm or just outright too stupid to see whats going to happen

Even the last 2 weeks Im seeing jews censor jews
We have the neocon fake right jews vs the Commie left jews
Both are anti White, pro middle east war and not honest

I cant see any other solution besides

De Federation
De Centralisation
Self Segregation
Self Hosting

and the creation of ethnic enclave towns in Rural/Remote areas of EU/West working together as a district/community/mono cultural group

Walking away from

Instead go back to Western Tradational and Pioneer roots
Self Sufficiency
Local Farming
Local Production
Local Manufacturing

Moving away from Globalisation and CHINA only sourcing

We will have to re learn skills like
Wood Working
Metal Craft
Basic Engine/engineering

I predict we only have between 2020-2024 to get ready
as over 170 nations have signed the UN Agenda 21 2030 pact to replace ALL governments with a single LEFT WING COMMIE AUTHORITARIAN STATE run by Zionists in ISRAEL to replace UN

Also taxation needs to end for all of us to be free
Government needs to be 90% smaller and self funded/crowd funded/fee based

Taxation is THIEF and Wealth redistribution

@charliebrownau the truth is that I have walked away. I have gotten to similar conclusion myself. I moved away as well. I have been working hard to save 💰 money and buy a piece of land.

I have started growing some of my own food and stuff like that.

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