And of course, it's libre, and you can run your own instance if you'd like.

Writing "Found by experimentation. I have no idea what I'm doing." in a commit message might be a good indication that something needs to be reworked.

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Brutaldon is such a cool client. I can actually use it from Lynx ;u;

It’s clear, once you start running tracking protection, that the "AI" of #reCAPTCHA is basically that if you do not present tracking cookies, you're suspect. If your site is using #reCAPCHA it should be shunned accordingly. #surveillancecapitalism

Stay tuned: tonight I'll be doing a short screencast about the FreeBSD installation process, then I'll later follow it up with a desktop installation process.

Vote to determine which desktop environment we install

I guess that's a pretty scary way to start Halloween.

I couldn't get soda because the machines have always online DRM. 2019, baby!


Yesterday, wind produced 22% of all Europe’s electricity!

Top-5, by share:
Denmark 68%
Germany 59%
Lithuania 27%
Belgium 27%
Portugal 27%

Top-5 by production (GWh):
Germany 717
UK 178
France 152
Spain 96
Sweden 76


fun fact: 'open source' doesn't guarantee freedom, it just means the code is available to the public.

Free software does not restrict any of the five W's (Who, What, Where, When, hoW), so long as contributions are also freely available.

for illustration purposes, look at the license text for unrar(1), specifically the non-free version; it is non-free because it prohibits people who work on compression software from working with or on the program. yet, it is open-source.

there are people who like to claim that 'open source' implies software freedom, but I think that that requires a tortuous redefinition to make stand, and it's necessary in order to proclaim that Redis isn't 'open source' due to the complete nonsense that is their non-free 'Commons Clause'.

fuck that. it's non-free software that is open source,
it's funny the html5 spec itself can be used for parser benchmarks since it's a 7mb html document

Fathom, simple analytics for bloggers, version 2 is out!

"We don’t collect personal or invasive data about your users, nor do we use cookies, meaning you don’t have to show pesky notices to users about cookie tracking. We’re GDPR compliant too"

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