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Okay, so this is a little off the cuff, but I got my thoughts out on my blog.

Education & Productivity

I didn't proofread it, so forgive any errors in spelling or grammar. This is pure stream of consciousness.

@poetgrant I liked that article. It seems the trend is reversing. For many years the USA has pushed for higher education, more degrees in computer science and other fields. But now it seems they are slowly starting to push again for more trade jobs, welders, pipe fitters, etc.. The USA is in need of able-body work force for general and skilled labor.

Also, I believe you are right about community colleges, they tend to change fairly quickly with the local or state market. Where I live now the community colleges push for fishing type jobs (not sure how to label them; but almost anything to do with water lol) since I live by the beach.
My home town is advertising welding, trucking, agricultural, and mechanics type jobs. So safe to say they cater to their area.

@jordan31 I have long thought that it is weird that University students and teachers look down on community colleges. I tend to think that Community colleges are the better choice for most people. This push to send every kid to uni is kind of disgusting. Call it consumerism unleashed. Indoctrinate them young that college is a right and that they need college and you create an endless supply of cattle to the butcher.

@poetgrant I've always hated the way some look down on community colleges and trades in general. It's like they forget the building and everything they use were manufactured by those skilled people lol.
CC to me is just as good, but offers another route for those wanting to be skilled in a certain trade. If at the least it helps them attain a more rounded education in general studies.

@poetgrant On the topic of pushing students to obtain a higher degree is not a terrible thing, but pushing a certain field sooner or later will saturate it. Leaving those degrees worth less than previous years. There is already evidence of that in computer science and software development.

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