Well, I did it. Took about an hour to study up on, but here it is. If you've ever wanted to show somoene who's into computers how SSH tunneling works, here's my take!

Please, don't think this is exhaustive. It was exhausting, but it's by no means the end of it.



@tinker Here's that blogpost you wanted me to write! I doubt it will be anything new or particularly understandable, but it's written and you can read it ;-) m4iler.cloud/technology/2019/0

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@m4iler I know this isn't about this article, but I couldn't help but stop and tell you that you 'skill tree' is really friggin' sweet! Very cool.

@poetgrant Dude, it's from 0 to 100, I had no idea what numbers to put in :blob_laughing: My impostor syndrome still tells me to go through and change all of it to sub-30 values 😄

Also, check out the impossible list! That's my work from yesterday, it's kinda cool!


@m4iler Holy crap! That's a long list!!! It is good to have goals! :D

You should definitely smuggle a lockpick into a police office and drop it in a jail cell... although these days that may not be very helpful since the cells are usually magnalocked.

@poetgrant Indeed it is good to have goals, that's why I got them.

I want to have easy goals to get into it, not "impossible goals I couldn't accomplish."

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