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To my friends out there, how cool would it be to have a set of stickers to adorn your laptops and cars and all manner of things with the Slackware logo and other things like that? Since the Slackware store is gone, you have to make your own. It is pretty cheap on Sticker Mule, but minimum order is 50 stickers for custom stickers.

I was thinking about even if there was a lot of interest, I could order like 500 and sell them for a little profit, then send that profit to Volkerding.

@poetgrant You talking about Slackware really takes me back to 2002. I wonder if I should give it a shot again, or just stick with my trusty Debian derivatives...

@erikstl Don't get me wrong, I like Debian okay, but Slackware and the way everything is setup just really appeals to me a lot. It was also my first distro. :D

I am giving Librem.One a good go. I plan on using it for a month or so. If I really like it (so far I do!) I might keep it. It is a hard decision because Fosstodon is like my home.

@poetgrant re librem: same here. As soon as I (hopefully) get access back to @erik I may follow your example.

@erikstl It's tough though, you know? Fosstodon in home, but I have a Librem 5 on the way and I like everything in its right place (Radiohead anyone?). I really love the whole idea of Librem One and unified things like that. :D

@poetgrant Agreed (except for the Librem 5 - I can't justify the $ with my wife).

@erikstl I had to keep mentioning it for months, then one day she tried to call me and my phone wouldn't ring and she told me "You just need to go get a new phone."

I said... yes ma'am... but it will take a while to get it.

She is very annoyed with me, but I think I will still be married at the end of this adventure. :D :D

@poetgrant I'm intrigued by the Librem 5, but I'm also hesitant as to how useful it would be for me without a robust app ecosystem a la iOS and Android.

@erikstl To be honest, if it just works as a phone that can call and text and maybe do a duckduckgo search at first, I will be happy. I don't really use any apps, save for a music and podcasting app. I'm sure it would be painful, but if I need to, I can compile a podcast app for the Librem 5 until there is one available that fits the phone's screen size.

But you're right. It won't likely be quite as useful as Android at first, but it will feature true convergence... which is kind of awesome!

@erikstl Also, I can highly recommend Slackware, but it definitely isn't for everyone...

@poetgrant Also, are you attempting to full-on shift to, or are you just posting and boosting from both?

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