In this video, I'm trying to connect to via original USB-C dock. Expected that Librem 5 would be charging.

Instead, the dock makes strange and Librem5's LED blinks in rhythm! (You may need to turn up the volume to hear that.)

@PINE64 any idea what is happening?

@ozmik @PINE64 I looks like the phone+dock combo doesn't manage to hold stable voltage under 500mA load. You could lower the input current limit on the L5 side, although that will likely make it not enough to actually charge.

@dos @ozmik my usb-c dock displays the same behavior. If I remove everything but power (bundled charger -> dock -> librem 5) then I can get the librem 5 to charge. If I use a monitor/keyboard/mouse without power then I can get that working aswell. I'm tempted to try some other higher power charger. Don't want to damage the phone though.

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