‪I got a present today. :)‬

‪Working, amazing condition 6100 with a working DOS compatibility card (486 DX2/66 with a Soundblaster).‬

‪Even has “DOS Compatible” on the front. So choice.‬

‪Too bad I won’t have free time to play with her for a week or two. ;)‬

@GoatsLive @lunduke
Very stinking cool!

Also, what could be more exciting for the next week or two? ;)

@nickh @GoatsLive

Oh, man. I have SO much to do over the next week. Writing, video editing, marketing work...just... so much. Fun. But, busy as heck! :)

Can't wait to sit down and get a few hours to tinker on this new rig. Been wanting one of these for years.

@GoatsLive @nickh Ain't that the truth! I'm one tired (but happy) Lunduke! :)

@nickh @lunduke Yes, even without goats! *(goats do add a lot though!)


@GoatsLive @lunduke always wanted goats and chickens. You are living it up! My city just legalized residential adoption, just have to make sure the neighbors are on board!

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