It's time for Toot! v1.8!

The big news this time is that there is finally a dedicated iPad interface, which is designed to use space a bit better, and allow more comfortable control.

In smaller updates, there is also now a switch to open all links in Safari, and if you long-press the action buttons on toots, you can perform them from different accounts.

Toot! v1.8.2 is now also out.

This one continues polishing the iPad interface, fixing a few issues:

* Using Toot! in split screen mode should work now.
* The sidebar is a little bit narrower on smaller iPads.
* Boosting from a different account shows the right icon now.
* As a bonus, double tap to zoom finally works!

This version also adds the filtering for gab. This basically means that should gab ever launch a Mastodon instance on one of their domains (which I'm not fully convinced they'll ever manage to), it will not be possible to add it to Toot!, or log in to it.

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@tootapp you discriminate. You are no better than those you complain about. What a hypocrite, your work is inclusive only if you agree with my ideals. Gab like any other service has good and bad. You generalize an entire segment of users due to your personal bias. Like the filter, default on I agree their content can be off the script. But block? Since you want to revive the Third Reich you may as well block and pawoo,artalley and

@tootapp ROTFLMAO lol you have to laugh, how can you not? 😆

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