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I love the #replyall podcast, but... FUCK the latest 171 episode.

Paraphrasing: "I hate that Twitter can decide who gets banned, I wish people made different social platforms where there is no central power like that".

Yes, I live in a fediverse bubble. But surely, with just a tiny bit of research, they could have found the fediverse, right? At least, Mastodon?

Now they leave it hanging as all other article: "Twitter sucks, but what can we do? No good alternatives"

Small is Beautiful

Next live stream: Free and Open Education with Pine64 and elementary OS

We’ll be joined by Nicolas Vivant, CIO of the city of Fontaine, who oversaw the deployment of 200+ elementary OS PCs and Debian servers in schools. Our other guests are Cassidy James Blaede (elementary OS), Lukasz Erecinski (Pine64), and Pernille Tranberg (Data Ethics EU).

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 – 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM NY (UTC -5) / 9AM SF (UTC -8)


Putting out a request: do you work for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries? There’s a rare CD-ROM I’m looking for for research purposes, and it appears the only copy held in North America is in that library. Any help is appreciated.

US federal government employee? You can donate to the FSF through the Combined Federal Campaign workplace giving program -- Go to and search for the FSF's ID, 63210.

The Fairphone 3+ is our fairest smartphone yet. With a design that's more #sustainable and makes a bigger positive #impact. 💙🌍

But what's it like to use this phone, or swap its modules? 👀🤙

Head on over to our #Youtube channel for the answers:💡🌱

US federal government employee? You can donate to the FSF through the Combined Federal Campaign workplace giving program -- Go to and search for the FSF's ID, 63210.

The Go-Fed #OpenCollective is now up and running:

This covers making code contributions for the go-fed #golang #activitypub open source software, in addition to more community efforts like the unofficial testsuite, the library-as-in-books, and associated hosting.

Come help by donating or perusing the work that's sitting on the table:

Or read up more at:

Feel free to ask questions on the socialhub or on Matrix at

Fizzy Water Fans: If, hypothetically, you owned a Carbonating Device from a Popular At-Home Fizzy Beverages Company that has, at times, been "somewhat to extremely problematic", I am here to tell you that this company in Wisconsin will refill your CO2 canisters by mail:

A huge and excellent list of google alternatives:

If anyone has more feel free to add!

We have submitted the official Pixelfed app to the app stores! 🎉 #pixelfed #app

In the wake of the huge response to The Social Dilemma, I feel like the time has come to really push forward on Fyre Exyt, a project to create a detailed guide to escaping the datafarms.

I envisioned a page for each datafarm, to describe:

* what data users can export and how
* how to delete your account
* what liberating software / services could be the best replacement for various use cases of the datafarm

It's a big project. Anyone keen to help?

#Disintermedia #FyreExyt

Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.

"Platform cooperatives are a tool for creating quality jobs on a large scale and they are already a reality! At a time when the concentration of big tech companies is through the roof, this course is not limited to generating an analysis and vigilance of capitalism. It prepares people for success as platform entrepreneurs in the exponentially growing ecosystem that is the gig economy."

#PlatformCooperatives #webinar #Mondragon #NewSchool

We really need to come up with a less geeky word than "instance" to describe ... well ... instances. Also another word to describe accounts. On the Wikipedia page for the fediverse someone has tried out "identities", but it feels a bit clunky. I don't think it will take.

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