The #fedeproxy #forge federation project needs #diversity, from the start. Do you want to join?

Boost appreciated.

@dachary, what do you need a hand on? Also, will there be financial compensations?

@mcsinyx there is much to do, it really depends on your skills.

#fedeproxy is not an organization, it is a #horizontal community of individuals ( see for details). Each person involved is either participating on a volunteer basis or finds ways to get funding for their work.

For instance, I applied for funding back in January and a grant will pay me a salary (1,500€ net per month) to work on fedeproxy for the next 9 months.

Count me in, @dachary! I suppose that the way to keep myself up to date is to subscribe to the forum, do you have any recommendation on which topics to watch (I am afraid that I will burn myself out if I watch everything, my current daily email load is not small to start with). Plus, is there a way to participate without another discourse account, e.g. email or ActivityPub?

@mcsinyx Great 👍 I'd be happy to guide you so you don't waste time wandering around. Are you attracted to a particular aspect of #fedeproxy? Do you enjoy writing code? Or rather brainstorming ideas? Or connecting people togehter? Or ...

Thanks, @dachary! My motivation is simple: I grew tired of having to sign up for every other GitLab instance for contributions that are often one-off, or even worse, commenting. If something can solve that and there is something I can do about it, I would love to. Of the works you listed, I am most confident with writing implementation (TBF there are code I enjoy writing and code I don't 😉). Here is my portfolio if you want to get a sense of my past experiences:

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