This blows my mind. has 58 third-party trackers on their website. Thanks, browser for blocking them all!

@micahbp Awesome! Thanks so much...will definitely look into those!

@micahbp In your creative work, have you come across any good free/low-cost sources for music beds? (Working on some radio spots for a non-profit with no budget)

@gael Giving /e/ a test run on an old phone. The cloud storage looks like its based on Nextcloud...any chance you'll add Libre Office Online in Nextcloud as a Google Docs alternative?

@dallin We looked into this for my mom. Walmart offers it as a service, but pricing was crazy for the number of tapes she had. She didn't trust LegacyBox (lost in mail fears, although I'm sure Walmart mails them out too). Ended up buying her a home VHS-->DVD recorder. But now all those DVDs need to be ripped. There's definitely demand among the right demographics!

@purism Government is not the answer. That's only asking for a bigger disaster. Have you watched some of these hearings? Lawmakers don't even know how basic tech works. Do you really want them setting the rules? We gave Big Tech its power; we can just as easily take it away. More people need to talk with their feet (or fingers, in this case) and simply abandon these companies. When tech companies fall, they tend to fall fast. Free-market pressure is the best solution.

Flashed on an old Nexus 5X tonight. Open-source Android without anything Google. Feels so peaceful.

@micahbp Nice! I'll definitely take a look at it. I've been using Kdenlive and have been pretty impressed with how easy it is! Is DaVinci a next level up?

@gbryant Have you done a beginner video on LBRY? I have it installed but am beyond confused with how this thing works.

@micahbp @GIMP This is so good to know! Counting down here: fewer than 60 days left on my Adobe subscription.

@christitus So far, Standard Notes is the best one I've found. I wanted to try Joplin, but couldn't get it to install in Zorin OS. Also tried CherryTree, but it was a usability mess.

@christitus Ever consider doing a video about note taking apps on Linux? I've tried doing some research and am so's like the wild west of office applications.

Android users, if you use Assist, you can now set DuckDuckGo as your default app for most Assist options. #ComeToTheDuckSide

*Instructions for setup may vary by device.

@micahbp Waze works really well. Unfortunately, it's owned by Google.

@micahbp Librem One email confused me with the encryption process. If I send an email to somebody with an encrypted email service, do they get it as just a normal email or do they have to click some kind of link just to access the message? I also didn't like how they delete unencrypted email after 30 days...that would never fly for my work usage.

@micahbp I'm stuck on those two as well as Google Voice. I can't find a service that does everything it does. T-Mobile's DIGITS was the closest thing I could find, but I tried it and it was a total disaster. For maps, I keep meaning to try HERE but have heard very mixed reviews.

@dallin "Degree of dependence" is a great point that I've also learned in this journey. My original goal was to totally drop Google. I've come to accept the fact that that's not very realistic (at this point in time). However, I can certainly lessen my dependence on Google...which I'm doing one step at a time.

In today's episode of , I successfully migrated my email from to . This is a test run -- not 100% ready to commit. However, the nice part about owning my own domain is that I can redirect my email address to any provider I want and not have to change addresses.

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