It's been one year since I started to with . Here's the first (of hopefully many) blog entries that document the journey.

Watched the Beastie Boys Story last night. The "live" documentary style was very cool. For a second, I thought they totally skipped over my favorite song ("So What'Cha Want"). But it turns out they saved it for one of the most touching moments of the film. Highly recommend!

@TechCrunch Makes sense. Pretty sure his head has been in space since about 1990.

Xfinity just launched gigabit Internet in my neighborhood. It's not fiber-to-the-home, but I'll still take it!

Am I the only one who thinks this process is going to lead to more people intentionally going out and trying to get the virus so they'll have the antibodies to travel? (Flashback to the "chicken pox parties" of the 1980s)

@johanv Great post! I started by "break up" with big tech last summer -- making progress, but still a work in progress. Have you found a reliable way to scrub a Facebook account before deleting? My understanding is that simply deleting the account still keeps any content you may have shared/liked on others' walls and posts still active.

If anything positive comes out of this pandemic, it may be the end of open-space offices. Such an accurate quote: "If you could climb inside a migraine headache, that's what that felt like."

The events of this week prove how important it is to support and grow platforms and organizations dedicated to free speech, especially @lbry

This blows my mind. has 58 third-party trackers on their website. Thanks, browser for blocking them all!

@micahbp Awesome! Thanks so much...will definitely look into those!

@micahbp In your creative work, have you come across any good free/low-cost sources for music beds? (Working on some radio spots for a non-profit with no budget)

@gael Giving /e/ a test run on an old phone. The cloud storage looks like its based on Nextcloud...any chance you'll add Libre Office Online in Nextcloud as a Google Docs alternative?

@dallin We looked into this for my mom. Walmart offers it as a service, but pricing was crazy for the number of tapes she had. She didn't trust LegacyBox (lost in mail fears, although I'm sure Walmart mails them out too). Ended up buying her a home VHS-->DVD recorder. But now all those DVDs need to be ripped. There's definitely demand among the right demographics!

@purism Government is not the answer. That's only asking for a bigger disaster. Have you watched some of these hearings? Lawmakers don't even know how basic tech works. Do you really want them setting the rules? We gave Big Tech its power; we can just as easily take it away. More people need to talk with their feet (or fingers, in this case) and simply abandon these companies. When tech companies fall, they tend to fall fast. Free-market pressure is the best solution.

Flashed on an old Nexus 5X tonight. Open-source Android without anything Google. Feels so peaceful.

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