@purism Government is not the answer. That's only asking for a bigger disaster. Have you watched some of these hearings? Lawmakers don't even know how basic tech works. Do you really want them setting the rules? We gave Big Tech its power; we can just as easily take it away. More people need to talk with their feet (or fingers, in this case) and simply abandon these companies. When tech companies fall, they tend to fall fast. Free-market pressure is the best solution.

@markparfitt @purism Hi Mark, I guess that you know better than the Government regarding IT. But the average Joes from the street, have you watched some of their comments when you talk with them about free software or why they should leave big tech? That's a big desaster already and the reason why my data ends in big tech without my consent. The reason why most of politicians don't know about what is right in IT because average joe elects them. Politicians need to get input from us (1/2)

@markparfitt @purism
Because purism, you and some others are the experts who can inform them. So I appreciate purism taking their duty to inform everyone about consent in such things. This helps that with an informed average Joe politicians get informed and can take better decisions for everyone. I appreciate that in the end there is legislation on things I don't want to care about - e.g. I don't want to have to read on every item in the super market if I will die eating or touching it ;D (2/2)

@markparfitt @purism If you are referring the buffoons in Congress US. In Europe, however, it is very different.

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