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’s attorney general just sent out a letter to the prosecutors stating that ‘incitement to hartred’ against members of the community (!) shall also be considered a hate crime. Paving the way to criminalization via

@marc0s Correction: It is not antifascism criminalization, it is violence criminalization

@marc0s Hate crimes are hate crimes whether it is hating black people or hating (what some people consider to be) fascist. That is something that has been happening a lot recently and it was about time that the attorney general did something about it

@jxy if I'm not mistaken, IANAL, hate crimes are only considered as such IF the targeted collective is considered a vulnerable minority or a historically harassed one. That in one hand. In the other, should I be prosecuted by claiming "I would like to see all nazis dead"? Are you seriously stating that I should? Are nazis meant to be accepted or defended? WTF?

@marc0s I didn't state that, don't try to use your ad hominem against me. If you say "I would like to see all nazis dead" I would just think you are a snowflake. But if you and X more people harass others on the street, mark them (like the nazis did) with grafittis etc, people that you have labelled as "nazis" just because that's what your leader tells you they are... then yeah you should be prosecuted for HATE crimes against a peaceful minority. PS. that picture is lame, too many wrong points

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