Hey dear , any FLOSS web application for hosting you're aware of? Thanks! cc

@jaybeanstalk we don't need video at all...

@marc0s @switchingsocial
You could try
Its on the Gnu list.

If you are looking for a decentralized hosted alternative there is Dtube and Lbry

@marc0s @switchingsocial A podcast is just a static RSS file and some static media files. Which part are you looking for help with, generating the RSS feed or hosting static files?

@apetresc the goal is to replace as the platform where audio files are published with something FLOSS

@marc0s @codesections @switchingsocial We (@ubuntupodcast) use Wordpress with the PowerPress plugin, and our very own Podpublish ( for encoding & uploading

@marc0s @switchingsocial #funkwhale is working on this feature. I don't know if it's already for using on production but it's worth keeping an eye on the project

@marc0s @switchingsocial Are you looking for a hosted-for-you or self-hosted podcast server ?

@marc0s @switchingsocial there is a self hosted solution with WordPress and Podlove as awesome plugin. I use it for my own podcast projects.

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