Linux Kernel Devs: We've got you surrounded! Rust is now in the Linux Kernel, and you can't compile it on your older hardware anymore!


@james I wonder what this hardware is? 🤔
My PowerPC boxes from early 2000s don't have go, but they have rust.

@m0xee @james

don't have go

GCC has a Go frontend so you can probably run it on a 68040.

@iska Nah, not that easy. You can build the complete go toolchain if you have a working c compiler and gcc source (unlike e.g. ada): the go tool, the compiler and the standard library. The lib has low-level stuff that is platform-specific, you can manage building that for 32-bit PPC glibc-based systems (I did), good luck with musl-based though.
And even if you do, you can't build a lot of go-programs with just "go build"…

@iska …a lot of stuff under won't build as the platform is not officially supported.
With rust it's not easy either — I think you have to have a bootstrap compiler, I don't think you can build it if you only have c compiler — you have to cross-compile. But once you have it, it's pretty straightforward.
If you want to go deeper, remind me in a couple of days, I'm enjoying my beer ATM 🥴

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