Last week I was talking about how awesome it would be if some of the people who have been laid off recently from 'Big Tech' jobs decided to form #coops.

There seemed to be a need for more info around this, so I had a meeting with CoTech colleagues @BillySmith @chrislowis & @Graham_Mitchell to figure out something practical.

Pleased to show MVP site as a result of this at

There are five of us - including @KingMob - volunteering initially. Please share widely!

@dajb @BillySmith @chrislowis @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob

I encourage you to take a look at the ChiHackNight civic tech group in #Chicago.

Join their Slack channel; or their Tuesday on-line events. One sub group focuses on co-ops.

This has been going for 10 years and many projects have been launched from the working groups. Looks similar to your goal.


@tutormentor1 @dajb @BillySmith @chrislowis @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob

I was going to look into this further, but doesn't seem all that FOSS serious with GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube links.

@lightweight @dajb @lwriemen @tutormentor1 @chrislowis @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob

Or it's just doing what you can with the currently available resources.

Like creating technical debt during the early phase of a start-up.

You know that you're going to have to get the wrinkles out of the duct tape eventually... :D

@BillySmith @dajb @lwriemen @tutormentor1 @chrislowis @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob the only problem with 'those wrinkles', is if they put off the people whose capabilities you needed at a crucial time. I know I've avoided/dropped out of "open" communities/businesses who've made what I consider clanging tech decisions, e.g.,, and

@lightweight @dajb @lwriemen @tutormentor1 @chrislowis @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob

I've had similar reservations, myself, with some of housing co-operatives i've lived in. :D

And, yes, i watched the evolution of StarOffice after it was bought by Sun, then evolved into LibreOffice, and, Blender, as it started as proprietary software, then became one of the flagship FLOSS systems. :D

We can’t please all the people all the time. In creating this MVP the over-riding priority was to move quickly. If it gains some traction we can put some effort into changing and improving the tools. Hey, you could even choose to help with that.
@lwriemen @KingMob @lightweight @chrislowis @BillySmith @tutormentor1 @dajb

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