📢 #Job opening:
We are looking for a working student with interest in #websites (e.g. #webdesign, #webdevelopment, frontend). The position can be remote or #Berlin-based.

Please forward the message to interested applicants, thank you!


@fossjobs #fossjobs #Jobs #webdev #softwarefreedom #freesoftware #opensource


@fsfe @fossjobs I understand the problems with financing free software work (i.e., "10-15 hours...the currently applicable minimum wage in Germany"), but why specify a student?

Is it due to labor laws in Germany?

@lwriemen @fsfe @fossjobs The concept of "working students" is very beneficial to both the employer and employee. It gives students a great opportunity to work besides their studies, because not everyone wants to do a full-time internship, and also a good chance to turn that into a full-time job after their studies. However, this has some administrative requirements as outlined in the job offer.

It's part of the FSFE's mix of full-time, part-time, interns, working student and contractors.

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